Monday, June 14, 2010

Good fortune and cookies

A little known fact about myself: I pay really close attention to fortune cookies. You know, the ones you get when you order Chinese take-out. I know, it's ridiculous. It's not like they're made by hand with my life and times in mind. As my Beloved continually tells me, there are only so many fortunes printed out on these tiny little pieces of paper and then they're slipped inside these nasty tasting (mostly stale) cookies while on an assembly line and later packaged up for suckers like me to read and wonder... (The word sucker is mine, not my Beloved's. He calls me gullible).

Still, I think there's something to these tasty treats. Each time I pick mine with care and precision as if there's something I can and will take from it. Like last week:

"Willingness opens the doors to knowledge, direction and achievement." So true. And at this moment in my life I find this fortune cookie quite fitting. I push way too hard. Especially when I decide I want something really badly. I am like a blond headed pit bull with a bone, growling and not letting go when I get a hold good and tight. Needless to say, that makes me UN-willing to see the options right in front of my face. I only see one way and it's the ONLY way.

Yes, I know, this is so very UN-Yoga like of me. As I am told by some great masters (and a couple really good friends) our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness. I spend much of my time being positive and upbeat, telling friends and family that "it's all good" and all they have to do is relax and believe, yet I (the pit bull) keep gnawing on that same damn bone until I am sick to death of it.

So, I say to the universe full of fortune cookies, I am now declaring (on this blog no less) that I am open and willing. Just like the fortune is telling me to be. Whether it's homeschooling my son, seeking more yogic knowledge, or finding outlets for my written musings, I am open to anything good that comes my way.

The pit bull is being put down (metaphorically, of course. I am an animal activist of sorts, you know).


  1. A little know fact about fortune cookies… All fortunes for the cookies are made in one factory by one machine. The machine actually truncates every message printed by the machine, which is then stuffed inside the little folded biscuits. It does so to remove the words “in bed” which are at the end of each fortune. It’s kind of an inside joke by the Chinese. (Just call me Cliff… Cliff Claven. )

  2. You are too much! Thanks, Cliff...