Monday, June 28, 2010

Lessons of the Three Graces

Three naked women have perplexed me for over a week now. They stand strong - arm and arm, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world as they whisper secrets and silly sentiments amongst themselves. They seem to care not what anyone thinks of their nakedness, nor the fact that they are by no means perfect in form nor fashion. They are the Three Graces - three stark white, stark naked statues which grace the entrance to St. Armand's Key in Sarasota.

They are flawlessly beautiful despite their lack of perfection. They seem to nod and speak right to my heart every time I pass by on my way to and from my son's film seminar at Ringling College.

This is the second summer in a row I've witnessed first hand these lovely ladies who represent a few of Zeus' daughters in Greek Mythology. It's so fitting that these lovelies represent Charm, Beauty and Creativity (or joy, depending what publication or historical reference one believes). I say it's fitting as it's these three graces who continue to elude me along my life path. It is Charm who easily sways me and I am hoodwinked and hurt when I find her sentiment false. It is Beauty I tend to easily overlook in my push to complete my daily tasks unencumbered. Ah, but it's Creativity who's the most difficult of all. She's the one I spend my days trying to harness. Yet, when I trap her, or trick her, or simply trip her up, it is Creativity who's a major thorn in my side.

It's so funny to see these ladies together, conspiring. At first I thought they were laughing at me - at the sheer audacity of trying to overpower them all. But, as each day passed I realized they were each giving me a message. Charm told me to be kind no matter how much I feel I have been wronged. Beauty told me to open my eyes every waking moment, or I would miss the simple beauty each possesses. And Creativity, well, she told me to shut the hell up and write. Stop whining and making excuses. She'll come over and visit when she feels I am good and ready.

Never figured I'd find such deep meaning in three bare, naked ladies.

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