Friday, April 9, 2010

Changes in Latitude Changed my Attitude

Ok, I lied. I have not posted since Monday. So much for my daily blogging. But I have a really good reason, really I do. My attitude sucked. It always does this time of year as the weather warms and I feel as if I am awakening from a long hibernation. I've been trapped indoors too long and this caged animal is antsy.

That's when my dearest friend in all the world pops up (as she always does when I am feeling pissy and cranky) and makes one more plea for me to join her family on a camp out. In a matter of moments I decide to toss my kid and gear in my car and head south down I-75.

Cayo Costa State Park is nine miles of beautiful beaches, located north and west of Fort Myers and smack dab in the middle of the most incredible islands Southwest Florida has to offer. You're probably familiar with high brow Sanibel and Captiva and maybe even Useppa. Well, Cayo Costa is nothing like them (except for the white sand and emerald surf). It's only accessible by boat and it's primitive, cave man primitive. Public showers, no a/c, sleeping in tents or rustic cabins. And when it gets dark, all that lights up are the stars.

Did I tell you it was heavenly? For 24 hours I journaled, shelled and watched my bff's husband reel in four gigantor trout (well, they were pretty big anyway). Daily performances from dancing dolphin had our group clapping as if we were watching a Sea World show.

And the best part? I came home recharged and ready to take on the world.

Maybe this Beached Mermaid needs a monthly dose of real and wild Florida to keep her head on straight. Or maybe it's just to dip the old tail in and remind herself to shake off the small stuff....

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  1. Please post even when you're in a bad mood -- reminds us all that even the best of us reach that point!
    Interesting that I have been in the same kind of mood this week, and pulled out of it only by my child's figure skating coach putting things in perspective for me.
    Your post, however, makes me long for the days when I had that bff with whom to vent. Nowadays, I am isolated in the frozen tundra wishing I had the strength and flexibility the kids on the ice have -- guess that yoga time would be really beneficial!
    Write on, sista' mermaid, right on!