Monday, April 5, 2010

First musing from this fish out of water

I am not a mermaid. I just thought I would get that out of the way right off, just in case any of you were indeed looking for a genuine mermaid - tail and all. I'd like to be a mermaid. Really, I would. I've even been told I am much like a mermaid with my somewhat high pitched screeching voice (when I attempt to sing or get upset) and of course, there's that extreme love of the sea. Alas, that does not make me a mermaid.

What I am is a fish out of water. Always have been. I've spent my entire life not quite fitting in. Ah, I know there are many of us who like to believe we are unique. It's what gets us through the day. And who wants to be told she is just like everyone else? Certainly not me.

So, what will this blog be about? Simply put, the musings of myself, the beached mermaid - a woman who ditched a perfectly good career as a newspaper journalist to create a creative life of balance. It's even hard to type that without laughing hysterically. But that's what I thought five years ago when I walked into my editor's office and told him, well, never mind all that...

The dream revolved around writing the great American novel. Living an authentic life. Raising a well adjusted kid. It's evolved into writing readable fiction and staying sane while currently homeschooling my teenaged son. Insert yoga here.

Seriously, I figure I am not as different as I think I am. I am sure there are others out there who are insane enough to continue writing through the rejections, homeschool (upcoming) high school despite the shaking heads of practical peers and balance it all with a huge dose of downward dogs.

This blog is my way of continuing to write every single day, keep my homeschooled son on task and, oh yeah, remembering it's all about the journey, not the destination.

Come along and swim with me, the Beached Mermaid, daily (or close to it).


  1. Hey, I know your husband and I think he might be upset that he didn't get any air time on your first post! Great start....I can't wait to read the next one, keep them coming!

  2. I like your blog Jen and will keep reading it! xi love, Jules

  3. Jen,
    The "authenic life" you say, I like that term. I think I'll use it when my family gives me that look like I'm insane for leaving a somewhat thriving small business, a mortgage that I can afford, and move across the state to start over mid-life with three kids and a new business from scratch again in a bad economy. I've always had that entreprenur spirit and have never been afraid to jump off the cliff before for a new adventure, but this time I have to find Shangrila for my kids too. Yet, there is a repeating movie playing at night in my head with the theme, "oh my G-d, what if I screw this up." Still, hoping for a new career and lifesyle that allows me to experience the wonderfulness of each of my children. At times I feel like my kids are living a separate life from me because I've been stuck working too much. Unfortunately, with what I do, I can't ignore the phone calls. So, two yrs ago decided I'm not happy(after my children pointed it out) and I'm the only one who can fix it.
    Wrapping up the last of the details and finally able to start over after saving and planning, and more saving....

    So this beached mermaid is heading back to the water soon after having been stuck inland for two decades. Happy to swim along with you my old friend and hopefully the current will be kind to both of us this year on our search for the "authentic life." I don't have the squeeky voice, but I was often refered to as a fish in my youth for the long hours I spent swimming in the pool and playing on the beach---back in that time before worrying about grades, college, jobs, legal liability, feeding kids etc. Free to twist and flap my tail in the current anyway I wanted, just for the pure joy of it. I want that life back. I know.... need a reality check on isle 42.

    Swim on over later this year to my new surf and we can have a good laugh at our new insanity(also called bravery). I'm buying the margaritas. Mermaids do drink margaritas, right?

    Love ya, Jilly